Venta Travelbag
Venta Travelbag
Venta Travelbag
Venta Travelbag
Venta Travelbag

Venta Travelbag

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This travel bag is made to perform simple functions: to be spacious, durable and beautiful. Venta Travelbag is just that. We did not reinvent anything - everything that was needed been invented before us. This bag is inspired by military clothing, that are functional and durable. This is a real traveling bag. Handles, straps and small parts are all made of vegetable-tanned leather and painted by hand. The leather is very thick and well-made. It is stitched with strong nylon threads, bearing seams are made by hand. The main goal for us was to make a truly durable bag. And we succeeded.

There is no inside lining in the bag because it brings no good. In the cotton lining small things are always lost. It gets dirty and torn so brings a whole bunch of inconveniences. But all of that will not happen with the leather. Its reverse side has a smooth velvety structure, and in case of contamination it is enough just to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Lightning and metal fittings are made of brass and are not affected by corrosion. With such a bag you can be on the street in any bad weather conditions because all its parts will not rust, and the threads will not lose their strength.

This bag is equipped with one inner and two outer pockets. It has an end handle, it is convenient to use it to hold the bag in a vertical position in the transport.

It is sewn so that your children and even grandchildren will be able to use it in the future saying: they sewed it back in 2019. It was a good year.


  • Genuine leather
  • Tan colour
  • Brass hardware
  • Nylon thread
  • Metal zipper YKK
  • 58 x 28 cm / 23 x 11 cm


Meet the Makers

We're proud of our Makers and more than 5 year history of handcrafting leather goods at our factory.