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Veer Office Earplugs Pro

Veer Office Earplugs Pro

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The most safe and intelligent way to reduce the office noise.


Better than noise canceling headphones

NC headphones donโ€™t work well with high voices and provide uncomfortable full isolation effect. Veer Office Earplugs Pro reduce voices better and have an adjustable isolation level. So you can choose the most comfortable one.

Better than classical earplugs

Classical earplugs can confuse you when it need to be took off near the colleagues. Veer Office Earplugs Pro allows to hear colleagues without taking off, just turn the isolation ring.


White noise is a bad idea. It can sounds really loudly and people donโ€™t realize it. It damage ear on long duration. Veer Office Earplugs Pro not.

Veer Noise Isolating Technology

Our technology reduce noises, voices, music up to 5 dB. We worked hard with sound engineers and constructors to reach such properties.

The silicon tip have outstanding shape to fits perfectly and reduces noise effectively.

The outer earplug works like a faucet. While you twist off Ti ring the less sound can pass throw it. Also we made thousand microdots at the membrane therefore the sound adjusting very smooth and equally.

Four tips pairs in every set

Every person has unique ear canals that are different in the size and the angle. So we made 4 sizes of tips and complete them all with Veer Office Earplugs Pro.

Less side talks distracts & more focus at work

Felix B.

White noise made the headache. Doctor explains it of long-duration blasting white noise and recommended earplugs. Seems it works.

Gabe Smith

Earplugs is more comfortable than music. Iโ€™m able to be more concentrate. Music at work buzzing me.


Reduce office voices and noise

Stepless noise reduction

Engineered to be mechanical

Protects from most harmful sounds

No irritaiting vacuum feel

Super soft silicone

Block 7. Office pack for you and your coworkers

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